Some of Our Clients


Advise on valuation and restructuring planClient: UK Private Equity FundAdversary: Owner of distressed EU Bank
Investigations of a non-bank lender for violations of consumer protection lawsClient: Appointed by RegulatorAdversary: National Sub-Prime lender
Manipulating Foreign Exchange FixClient: Appointed by RegulatorAdversary: Tier 1 Global Bank
Wirestripping and Mirror TradesClient: Appointed by RegulatorAdversary: Tier 1 Global Bank
$500m of mezzanine and senior CDO NotesClient: HSH NordbankAdversary: UBS
Claims from collapse of two credit funds
Client: Fund LiquidatorAdversary: Tier 1 US bank
Swap mis-selling claims on $200m loans Client: Family Office (shipping)Adversary: Tier 1 UK bank
$100m of losses on substitutions during creditClient: Speciality InsurerAdversary: US Investment Advisor
Verify propriety of closeouts with Tier 1 banksClient: Fund LiquidatorAdversary: Creditors submitting excessive claims
$3.5bn loss on Super HG, SS CDO tranchesClient: Global InsurerAdversary: Top Tier CDO Arranger
€75m of CDO equityClient: European BankAdversary:Tier 1 US bank
$450m CD0^2 transactions tied to LoansClient: European BankAdversary:Tier 1 UK bank
€36m CDO equityClient: European BankAdversary: Tier 1 UK bank
€200m CDO, CDO^2Client: LandesbankAdversary: Tier 2 European Bank
$10+bn portfolio CDO; CDO^2; RMBSClient: MonolineAdversary: Various Banks
Commutation of $3bn of CDO and CDO^2 riskClient: MonolineAdversary: Various Banks
GKO Notes; EurobondsClient: Family OfficeAdversary: Various Banks
Internal InvestigationClient: Tier 1 US BankAdversary: Internal Investigation

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