CDO and RMBS Advisory

Devon Capital’s core business is analyzing CDOs, RMBS and derivatives to identify and communicate specific technical points which give clients the support to show mis-selling, misrepresentation, mis-management, breach of contract or other legal claims. We assess potential legal claims from a technical perspective to give senior management risk/reward opinions.

Consulting and Testifying Experts

We provide consulting and testifying expertise on all aspects of valuation, risk management, portfolio construction and other technical areas of finance. Results are delivered in concise, clearly written reports which explain mathematical finance in the right amount of detail for the relevant audience. These reports are defended, if necessary, in depositions, testimony or other mediation or legal processes.

Computational E-Discovery

Using proprietary state-of-the-art technology to master the complex discovery data in derivatives disputes, our proven process of combining “computers plus expert humans” identifies more relevant documents, much faster and more cheaply, than traditional approaches. Analysis of large volumes of spreadsheets is one of Devon’s core strengths.

Deposition Support and Real-Time Question Formulation

Devon is highly experienced in providing detailed technical questions to law firms to extract damaging admissions in depositions. We can also supply real-time questions and interpretation during depositions, to devastating effect.

Forensic  Expertise

Our computer scientists can trace, re-construct, and reverse engineer all forms of data including emails, databases, file repositories and spreadsheets.

Fraud Detection

Our experience allows us to find financial, technical, business and reputational points that might otherwise be overlooked, and to feed these to the client’s legal team.  Our market experience and forensic detail have allowed clients to plead fraud in several cases where they had initially been advised their case was not worth pursuing.

Case Management

Devon Capital can source and co-ordinate the complete team of legal, mathematical, accounting and other forensic discovery professionals, so that the client’s management can continue to operate their ongoing business effectively.

Negotiation, Mediation and Litigation

We usually seek to organise highly effective dispute resolution forums where appropriate, thus minimising costs and speeding up resolution for all parties. If mediative approaches fail, we will fully support law firms in analysis and presenting all technical aspects of the case.

Proactive Approach

Devon Capital’s assertive case management process negates the banks’ natural litigation tactics of secrecy, cost and delay.